Residents drawn to ‘Mayor’s Mural’ paint party


Residents drawn to ‘Mayor’s Mural’ paint party
Muralist Melissa Stratton-Pandina shows a young artist what “The Mayor’s Mural” will look like once it’s completed. (Photo/Maureen Sullivan)

MARLBOROUGH – Between the annual Greek Festival and the annual Labor Day parade, residents partook in a new – and historic – project.

On Sept. 3 at Union Common, about two dozen painters, young and old, helped fill in the blanks for “The Mayor’s Mural” that will be installed later this fall (weather permitting) on South Bolton Street.

Local muralist Melissa Stratton-Pandina led the paint party, which resembled a jumbo version of a paint-by-numbers set. Painters chose one of several canvases stretched across tables; they then selected a number, and chose a paint color that matched the number.

The canvases included flowers, flags and other portions of the mural that highlights the city’s history.

“It’s a lot of fun,” said Mayor Arthur Vigeant, who took his turn painting. “It’ll look great when it’s up.”

Alongside the mayor was Marie Waldman of the Marlborough Cultural Council.

“We’re really thrilled that this is happening,” she said.

Nearby, City Councilors J. Christian Dumais and Sean Navin painted another part of the mural.

“This is great,” said Navin. “This weekend is filled with so many events that we remember when we were young.”

Once completed, the panels were placed on the grass to dry, and another panel placed on a table, ready to paint.

“Art should bring communities together, and that’s exactly what we do with a paint party,” said Stratton-Pandina. “This is my favorite part of creating murals. To see young children painting alongside their grandparents and knowing that they will take credit for the art as they grow brings me so much joy.”

The project is sponsored in part by a grant from the Marlborough Cultural Council.

More information about the mayor’s mural project can be found at

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