Marlborough Police Patrol Officers Association endorse Hogan


Letter to the Editor logoIt is with great pleasure that the Marlborough Police Patrol Officers Association proudly announces it’s endorsement of Patrick Hogan for the upcoming Mayoral election. Patrick Hogan’s long history of public service and solution-oriented approach makes him an exemplary candidate for Mayor of the City of Marlborough. Patrick Hogan understands the importance of promoting public safety in order to maintain a safe and strong community for the residents of Marlborough. 

As President of the Marlborough Police Patrol Officers Union, Patrick has created strong relationships with other leaders as a dedicated advocate for the betterment of our community. He has displayed servant leadership and strong critical thinking skills. Patrick is open minded and welcomes other opinions before formulating a final decision. He is a man of integrity and is a natural at building strong relationships, possessing excellent verbal and written communication skills and is always making the Marlborough community a top priority. 

Patrick’s experience in investigations, patrol, and Community policing has provided him with the right experience, enthusiasm, and skills to serve as an excellent Mayor and ensuring a safe community with effective leadership. Please join the MPPOA in supporting Patrick Hogan for Mayor!

Marlborough Police Patrol Officers Association

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