Marlborough Candidate Statement – Ward 3 – Robert Preciado


Marlborough Candidate Statement – Ward 3 – Robert Preciado
Robert Preciado

Tell us about yourself 

As a Marlborough resident I enjoy spending time experiencing what our city has to offer with my wife and daughter. Including our amazing public parks, numerous restaurants and local small businesses. We spend our weekends working in the yard and tending to our small flock of chickens, as well as volunteering in various community groups. By trade I was a chef working in kitchens while putting myself through school to become a mechanical engineer. After some time traveling the country as a field engineer, I now currently manage and operate a local machine shop.

What are the biggest issues facing the city?

Development that does not take into consideration the needs of our current residents is an issue I have heard most about from Ward 3 residents. Outside developers are making decisions for our community based on profitability. We need to find solutions for smarter development that brings in growth and opportunity at a steady rate while supporting those who already live here.

As a city councilor, how would you approach issues regarding traffic, public safety and speeding?

As city councilor I will take the initiative to conduct outreach to hear resident’s specific concerns regarding what they are experiencing in their neighborhoods and work directly with the Traffic Commission on these issues. There are measures we can take that don’t rely strictly on increasing patrols such as electronic digital speed signs, the installation of speed humps, and proactive city planning of roads and traffic patterns as new developments are approved.

Do you think the city is on the right track in relation to residential and commercial development?

Our city would greatly benefit from dedicated personnel committed to finding compromises between the needs of emerging development and our current residents. A city planner would provide the advantage of organized long term planning, just as it did when Marlborough utilized such a position about 30 years ago.

A series of zoning changes were vetoed by Mayor Arthur Vigeant earlier this year. Now, there are proposed changes in the Village District’s zoning. How would these changes improve the district? 

The Village District is the heart of Marlborough and these proposed changes to the district have the potential to bring several benefits to both the district and city overall. These changes would make it more accessible to a wider range of residents, including those with lower incomes. The change to “in perpetuity” for designated affordable units also ensures long-term affordability for our residents. Moving from “by right” to “special permit” for hotels and mixed-use developments allows for more careful consideration of these projects. This helps make sure that any new developments align with the city’s vision and the needs of the current residents. Additionally, the increase in the one-time fee for parking spaces can generate greater revenue for the city’s infrastructure and public services.

Currently, there are several vacancies on Main Street, in addition to the vacant lot next to Welly’s. As a councilor, how would you support downtown revitalization?

Collaboration is key in moving initiatives forward that will help our small businesses downtown. The current mayoral candidates have offered interesting proposals for how they would tackle this very issue. I look forward with working with a new mayoral administration that is committed to solving this issue as well as reaching out to our partners like the Marlborough Chamber of Commerce, the MEDC and individual business owners to hear more about how the council can move through some of these initiatives with some expediency so we can start to see results. Furthermore, walk-ability has proven to be a significant indicator in the success of any urban planning and such measures need to be prioritized in any plan that moves forward.

What skills and experience do you have to prepare you to be a member of the city council?

My role as city councilor will be to represent all constituents in Ward 3, therefore I must be a great listener, collaborator and advocate for all viewpoints. As someone who participates in many volunteer community groups and is employed with primarily small businesses, I am proficient in working with a diverse array of people. I have been expected to work with limited resources to find solutions that benefit all stakeholders and have found success across all my fields. As a first generation American I am aware of the privilege that we possess in upholding a well functioning democracy and keeping it. I am dedicated to serve this institution and all of its residents for the betterment of our community.

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