Shrewsbury graduate shares life story in new book


Shrewsbury graduate shares life story in new book
The cover of Tom Carmody’s book. (Photo/Courtesy)

SHREWSBURY – Tom Carmody has had one action-packed life, and his recent book “Memoirs of a Stupid Jerk-Head Face” describes it all.

Carmody, who graduated from Shrewsbury High School, recently released the book. He now hopes to see his story on the big screen and has been pitching it to production companies across the country.

Carmody’s story

Carmody was born in Revere. His mother sang the National Anthem for the Boston Celtics and the New England Patriots. Carmody’s grandfather played piano for the Andrews Sisters, and his father was scouted by the Boston Red Sox.

Before his family settled in Shrewsbury, Carmody moved from Revere to Danvers.

Carmody is also an athlete and, like his father, was scouted by the Boston Red Sox.

While living in Massachusetts, Carmody engaged in some shenanigans – he stole drive-in speakers with friends, for instance – and with more money his “knack for the stupid” only ramped up. Carmody and friends took coast-to-coast motorcycle adventures, eventually visiting 41 different countries.

“Coming from Revere with no pot to piss in – all of a sudden I’m making hundreds of thousands of dollars,” Carmody told the Community Advocate.

During his athletic heyday, he played for Northeastern University and could run four-minute miles. Carmody has attended 26 world championship-clinching events (Super Bowls, World Series, NBA Finals); he said he stole a garbage truck from the Super Bowl once.

In his mid-20s, Carmody moved to California, and – as he says in a press release for his book – “began earning far too much money for a guy his age.”

Carmody had an ocean-view townhouse at Redondo Beach. In addition to playing the piano and bass guitar, he briefly pursued Hollywood fame.

Sometimes, as Carmody recalled, California living got the better of him.

“I thought I was the man, but I was kind of the donut man. There was a big empty hole in me like a donut,” he said. “I got a letter from my doctor that advised me to find some other form of entertainment.”

Carmody’s stories “literally trip over one celebrity after another.” He was present when Natalie Wood met her controversial death.

Carmody started “cleaning his act up” after visiting Israel and being baptized in the Jordan River. In 2009, he founded Out Alive Prison Ministries, which, according to the website, aims to “recruit and train men to be chaplains and ministers in prisons throughout the United States.”

Proceeds from the sale of the book will go to the ministry, which over the years has grown to support prisons nationwide with books and other evangelistic materials.

Although the book is described as a “much heralded laugh-fest,” it’s also “the story of a guy who, through the untamed and the unlimited, learned the importance of the real and disciplined.”

The Kindle version of the book includes access to videos and materials throughout the book. The print versions of the book include QR codes to access additional materials.

The book can be found at


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