Congressman McGovern visits The Willows at Westborough


WESTBOROUGH – Congressman Jim McGovern recently visited the Willows at Westborough to answer questions from residents about a variety of topics, including student loans, healthcare and the conflict in Israel and Palestine.

McGovern spent the morning at a pancake breakfast at the Willows on Nov. 1, which was coordinated by a resident who had worked with him for many years and was attended by some of his other former workers.

“Being in elected office … whether you are at the local level, state level or federal level – it’s about helping people. If you have people that are not responsive, that don’t care about people, then you’re not very good,” McGovern said. “I’ve had some really, really incredible staff.”

McGovern said he believed voters should elect people who will give them their best judgment. After he was elected, he recalled asking Sen. George McGovern and Congressman Joe Moakley for advice to be a good member of Congress.

Moakley told him to get to know everybody on a first-name basis.

“Much of this business, much of the ability to get things done, whether it’s in politics or business or even here at The Willows is about relationships. I thought that was pretty good advice,” he recalled.

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