Westborough Candidate Statement – School Committee – Boyd Stewart Conklin


Westborough Candidate Statement – School Committee – Boyd Stewart ConklinWhy are you running for School Committee?

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What are the three biggest issues facing Westborough Public Schools?

Woke DEI, SEL, CSE has infiltrated all courses and clubs in our schools and discussions on gender all contribute to the mental health of our children in our town. This model of education under the guise of inclusion has created many confused children/students often paralyzed/struggling to voice their concerns and make plans for their future. As a father of 2 sons, I care that our local education focuses on maximizing each child’s potential with a strong respect for our country, their elders/all ages and each other. The WPS are run by activists, full stop. The sooner WPS parents recognize how far gone the situation is, the better equipped they will be to protect their kids. That’s not a problem that’s limited to the WPS – or even MA public schools – to be sure. But since the WPS has chosen to distinguish themselves by not only bringing sexuality-themed material into the schools but by doing it on purpose with elementary schoolers, they deserve some special time in the stop-talking-to-little-kids-about-sex spotlight all to themselves.

For the first time in 10 years, Westborough will have a new superintendent. What would be your approach working with the new superintendent? 

Assure she is aware of concerns in the schools. I have attended half the SC meetings over the past 3 years and speak out regularly on topics. I believe in schools teaching with no political bias, removing content related to gender theory, teaching critical thinking and scientific method, focusing on fundamentals, the arts, music, classics, humanities and fitness/sports. Parents should be fully informed of Sex Ed and Sexuality content pre to high. Examples- LGBTQ+ iconography, discussions, pronoun education and LGBTQ+ books available are not age appropriate. DEI: WBO has long been a culturally diverse town, new DEI hiring practices and DEI education sends divisive messages that disregards merit and encourages division. SEL is covering new content that is disruptive to the developing mind. The increasing # of ESL students is creating new challenges for our schools. Clubs & surveys: MWAHS data reveals growing # of students with gender dysphoria, anxiety and depression. This assessment tool questions and data should be transparent to all.

This school year, Westborough leaders have voiced frustrations with busing. What would you prioritize as a new bus contract is negotiated? 

Union/vaccine front two initial shots and what are we at the sixth booster. Have you had your eight injections of the experimental gene therapy. Three years ago during citizens request at school committee I was talking about the eight shots not being enough, and here we are. Finally the public has caught on a bit and the compliance rate has fallen to 20% for adults and 4% for children. The Westborough school teachers union head was all about keeping the fear mongering going. If only we can get herd immunity, if only we can get 80% compliance, if only… never came and the bar kept being raised. International organizations WHO dictated to the feds, the feds dictated to the compliant states (Massachusetts) and the states dictated to the compliant towns (Westborough). The Westborough department of public health rubber stamped every edict. The Westborough school committee/select board was go along to get along with the whole travesty. Let every citizen decide on their own the level of risk (fear mongering) they are willing to put up with.

What experience do you have to be a member of the School Committee?

As an informed parent of two sons at MPS and GMS, and three daughters ages 28, 33 and 38. I have gained experience through regular attendance of school committee meetings over the last several years and are fully aware of the issues and challenges our children face on a daily basis. My experience coupled with my concerns as a parent make me more than qualified to sit as a member of the school committee. The current woke ideology indoctrination that occurs at Westborough Schools of endless wars, the climate change hoax, open boarders, UN Agenda 2030 and mass censorship is teaching activism not academics, conformity not brilliance. DEI SEL CSE all Trojan horses for the woke ideology indoctrination. DEI diversity = conformity, equity = unfairness/inequity, inclusion = exclusion. The restorative justice struggle sessions must end. Anti-racism is racism, CRT abounds, yet endlessly denied. No LGBTQ+ iconography is allowed in public buildings in Westborough by the select board, are not the schools public buildings? flickr.com boydconklin

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