LETTER: Move on from the Under-Ride


Now that we have passed by Len Mead's Under-Ride issue we can move on to the real 300 lb gorilla in the budget. The un-answered issue in the 2012 budget is the $3 million dollar jump in the debt service from $8 million to $11 million. This item seems to have been skirted around in budget presentations so far. Why is our debt service jumping so much this year when it has been pretty constant going back to FY2007? In the 5 year forecast it jumps to this level for the next 3 years, and then reduces again to an $8 million dollar level.

The debt service is the real gorilla in the FY2012 budget, not the departmental budgets. If something was done about the debt service alone, tax rates could remain level to the FY2011 tax rates and accomplish a similar end result as was proposed by the tax under-ride issue. While this may not be tax reduction it is tax stabilization. If we could carry this forward in the 5 year budget plan, it would at least provide some relief to the yearly property tax increases.

Nothing would be more appealing to prospective businesses looking to move into Westboroughthana5year moratorium on tax rate increases and getting those businesses to move and stay in Westborough is one of the best things we could do for the overall tax rate.

Aside from the debt service issue, is voter participation at town meeting, where the voters can have a direct impact on budgetary issues. If you don's like how your taxes are being spent, then come to town meeting and vote on it. Hopefully the warranty articles to be presented at town meeting will be available enough in advance to allow the voters and tax payers of Westborough to study and understand them. Then it is up to the voters to get to town meeting and participate in the process, just not complain about it.

Gary P. Wells
Candidate for Selectman

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