Technology advances continue at the WRTA


Technology advances continue at the WRTAWorcester – Getting accurate schedule information to riders is a key component in the new technology being implemented by the Worcester Regional Transit Authority (WRTA). Recently a new signage system, Bustracker, which runs off of the Clever Devices Bustime RTIS (Real-Time Information System) and uses schedule data and real-time positioning of the buses via GPS (Global Positioning Satellite), has been installed at the WRTA Customer Service Center on Main Street.

This system accurately predicts each bus's arrival at every stop in the City, allowing riders to have real-time information. The signs update every minute and flip to the next stop of each particular bus every 30 seconds.

This new technology is being utilized in numerous transit agencies across the country in such cities as Chicago; New York City; Grand Rapids, Michigan; and Vail, Colorado.

“This latest technology will give our riders a huge advantage in trip planning,” said WRTA Administrator Stephen O”Neil. “These signs will be placed throughout the City within the next few years in strategic locations such as the Worcester Public Library, colleges, senior centers, and other public buildings in order to help improve the rider experience.”

The Bustime System has the ability to support a variety of other technologies that are mobile accessible. For example, riders will be able to receive real-time data regarding when the next bus will arrive via text messaging, mobile web-browser, and automated voice calls. The plan is to slowly roll out these technologies in the coming months.

“The possibilities are endless,” O”Neil added.

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