Marlborough High School announces senior superlatives


By Ed Karvoski Jr., Contributing Writer

Marlborough High School announces senior superlatives
Kyle Carlson and Marissa Flynn are named Class Couple at the Senior Superlatives Dinner, held Oct. 17 at Marlborough High School. (Photo/Ed Karvoski Jr.)

Marlborough – In recent school years, the senior class at Marlborough High School announced their superlatives in the spring, which was too late to include the winners” photos in the yearbook. The class of 2013 felt it was time for a change of schedule, explained class advisor Jennifer Belisle.

“It was really important to them to have these pictures in the yearbook,” she said. “And I wanted them to kick off the year with a sense of togetherness right away.”

Belisle welcomed the students Oct. 17 to the school cafeteria for the annual Seniors Superlatives Dinner.

“I's truly honored to be your class advisor,” she told the seniors. “I hear nothing but good things about you from so many teachers, about your behavior and class spirit. As far as I's concerned, the first superlative that I'sl give is the Best Senior Class Ever – and that would be to you guys!”

Teachers unsealed envelopes and revealed the voting results in 25 categories. Assistant Principal Adam Bakr placed a sash on each superlative recipient and photos captured the moment for the yearbook.

Named the Class Inseparables among the girls were Caroline Brassard and Lindsay Parks, who met their first day as first-graders when they sat next to each other on the school bus, and they still live five houses apart. For the boys, most votes were for Avi Laudon and Reid Flynn, who have been best friends since fourth grade and currently perform together in a rock band.

Laudon also got the Best Smile among boys. Gabby Oliveira received the smiling superlative for girls.

Winning the title of Best Couple were Marissa Flynn and Kyle Carlson, who have been together for nearly two years.

“They'se a great, happy couple,” commented Belisle.

Flynn was also the girl recognized for Most Class Spirit. Peter Stanley was deemed the most spirited boy.

Most Talkative among girls went to Kristina Lofrumento, who admitted she wasn's surprised when her name was announced.

“Put me next to anyone and I'sl talk their ear off,” she said.

Additionally, she wasn's surprised when Brendan Wood was declared the Most Talkative boy.

“He definitely talks a lot,” she said. “And he's hilarious, too!”

For the boy with the Nicest Hair, classmates picked Dillon Garvey, who said long hair is trending now among his football teammates. The students most liked the locks of Kayla Pendleton among girls.

Proclaimed the girl with the Most Intriguing Wardrobe was Aine Colpitts, who said she gets her best outfits at Forever 21 and from her father's closet. The boy awarded for his attire was Jovanny Casillas, who said he follows fashion blogs online.

Receiving the Best Actress honor was Sam Pearlman, who last year was featured in the school's production of “The Wizard of Oz” as the Wicked Witch. The Best Actor nod went to Jon VanLingen, who complimented the Drama Club's faculty advisor, Christopher Henry, by saying, “He really puts his heart into it.”

For Most Musical girl, classmates sang the praises of Ali Russo, who said she has been singing since she could talk. Nick Mosca was also noted for his musical talent.

Chosen the girl Most Likely to Succeed was Isabella Kundu, who aspires to be a biology teacher and possibly a novelist. Chris Seyers was named the boy Most Likely to Succeed.

Voted the Most Popular were Lizzy Gargone and Andy Stevenson, longtime friends. They share the sentiment expressed by Gargone: “Never discriminate, always be outgoing and talk with people in your classes.”

Summing up the gathering, Belisle said, “The students cheered for everybody, which shows a lot of good class spirit.”

MHS's Class of 2013 Senior Superlatives

Most Athletic: Amanda Monfalcone and Mike Yates

Most Talkative: Kristina Lofrumento and Brendan Wood

Most Class Spirit: Marissa Flynn and Peter Stanley

Most Outgoing: Wilgine Joseph and Teddy Jerdee

Most Popular: Lizzy Gargone and Andy Stevenson

Best Looking: Katie McCombs and Jake Goulet

Best Personality: Kaitlin Fauller and Fredson Sossavi

Nicest Smile: Gabby Oliveira and Avi Laudon

Most Intriguing Wardrobe: Aine Colpitts and Jovanny Casillas

Most Musical: Ali Russo and Nick Mosca

Class Inseparables: Caroline Brassard & Lindsay Parks; Avi Laudon & Reid Flynn

Funniest: Matilda Yeboah and Steve Wagner

Shyest: Jemimah Gatdula and Russell Weed

Best Laugh: Kara Sweeney and Dhiego Ramalho

Teacher Tormentor: Blanca Moreno and Alex Pelletier

Cutest in Every Way: Alex Grimaldo and Isaac Hershon

Most Gullible: Jamie Zompa and Alex Sable

Nicest Hair: Kayla Pendelton and Dillon Garvey

Best Actress/Actor: Sam Perlman and Jon VanLingen

Most Artistic: Laura Bailey and Jake Schlehuber

Nicest Eyes: Rachel Mager and James Kreshpane

Most Likely to Succeed: Isabella Kundu and Chris Syers

Most Likely to Stay in Marlborough: Kezia Alvez and Andrew Marcey

Favorite Teacher: JoAnn Sawyer and Pat Kiley


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