Teamworks: Indoor sports center fields leagues, clinics, fun


By Nancy Brumback, Contributing Writer

Kris Wallis, general manager of Teamworks Northborough facility, Photo/Nancy Brumback
Kris Wallis, general manager of Teamworks Northborough facility, Photo/Nancy Brumback

Business name: Teamworks

Address: 185 Otis St., Northborough

General Manager: Kris Wallis

Contact Information: 508-351-9800


What is Teamworks?

“Teamworks is an indoor recreation facility which has been operating for 17 years, offering activities for children 2 to 18, and for adults from 18 up. We have something for everybody. Our activities range from soccer and basketball clinics to adult and youth soccer leagues. We also run a summer camp and vacation programs during December, February and April,” said Kris Wallis, general manager of the Northborough facility.

“We'se not a health club,” he explained, but instead Teamworks organizes team and individual sports programs using its four indoor turf fields.


How do your youth and adult soccer leagues work?

“The majority of our youth teams that play here in the winter play outside during the spring and fall. Many of our youth teams are outdoor teams that come inside, from town programs or club teams, for example. We have teams from the various towns that play for the youth programs in those towns. Once their season is done, they come to Teamworks and play inside for the next 16 or 24 weeks. The coaches or parents often take it upon themselves to put teams in here in the wintertime,” Wallis said.

“Adults usually form their own teams, or they can contact us and we do our best placing them on a team. If you contact us wanting to play on Tuesday nights in the coed league, we'sl try to find a team for you.”


And you offer a summer camp?

“We run a summer camp that starts at 8 a.m. and runs until 6 at night. The age range is from 4 to 13 or 14 years old. We have one-week sessions and offer individual days as well. If you only need one or two days a week, we have that option. We offer 12 weeks of camp beginning in June and running to Labor Day weekend.

“We offer a traditional camp, a sports camp, and specialty camps such as a week of flag football camp or a week of basketball camp. We offer camps that can fill the needs of almost any family.”

“Teamworks also has birthday party packages available, primarily for elementary-school-age kids, that come with activity time and food.”

Teamworks Northborough is part of a company that has three other indoor sports centers in Massachusetts and one in Rhode Island. For more information on the activities available, visit the website, or call 508-351-9800.


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