Coan Heating & Cooling: Natick firm has new options for home air conditioning


By Nancy Brumback, Contributing Writer

Art Chaves of Coan Heating & Cooling with a ductless air conditioning unit. Photo/Nancy Brumback
Art Chaves of Coan Heating & Cooling with a ductless air conditioning unit. Photo/Nancy Brumback

Natick – Coan Heating & Cooling considers itself “your home comfort expert. We provide heating and air conditioning services–warm and cozy in the winter, cool and comfortable in the summer,” said Art Chaves, treasurer.

Coan has moved beyond its origins as a fuel oil delivery company, though that's still a major part of its business. Coan can also install and service both heating and cooling systems.

As the weather warms up, homeowners” thoughts turn to air conditioning, and Chaves pointed out there are now air conditioning systems that can be retrofitted to homes which do not have ducts in place for heating.

“Mitsubishi makes a ductless system that can be retrofitted quickly and easily,” he said. “It has a condenser located outside and wall-mounted inside units that can provide both cooling and heating. It can be installed to cool only one room or multiple rooms and comes with a remote control.”

The system, he added, is efficient and quiet, includes air filters, and can often be installed in a day or two, without requiring major construction. It has been widely used in Japan and is just becoming available here.

Another type of ductless air conditioning and heating system, from Unico, uses flexible supply ducts that are installed in existing spaces in walls, ceiling, and closets to add air conditioning in existing homes without ductwork.

In the winter, Chaves noted, these systems can be set up to heat or boost the heat in a single room without raising the heating level in the whole house, saving on the heating bill.

A Coan representative can advise customers whether such systems would be appropriate in their homes or whether a more conventional ducted system, which the company can also install, would work better. “We come out and do a free assessment and explain the differences between the possible options,” Chaves said.

If a homeowner already has a central air conditioning system in place, Chaves noted it is worth considering upgrading some of the components if the system is more than 10 years old, because more efficient components which use a new Freon technology are now available and can save on electricity costs.

Spring and summer, he added, are also the best times to replace an old and inefficient heating system.

Chaves suggested homeowners contact Mass Save, the program sponsored by the state's utility companies and financed by a small charge on customers” monthly bills, and arrange for a free energy audit. Once that's done, homeowners are likely to qualify for significant rebates and financing plans on work done to improve the energy efficiency of their home, including new, efficient air conditioning and heating equipment.

The program has just been expanded this year to cover replacement of furnaces as well as boilers, and right now through Sept. 30, Mass Save is offering an early heating equipment replacement rebate for installing new, more efficient equipment. Information on the Mass Save audits and rebates is available at

In addition to installing heating and cooling systems, Coan also services existing systems, with trained and certified technicians. The company works on both oil and natural gas heating systems.

As part of its fuel oil delivery business, Coan offers payment plans to help customers balance their heating bill over the course of the year.

Coan Heating & Cooling is located at 196 West Central St. in Natick. More information on programs and products is available at or by calling 508-653-5050.


Editor's Note: The preceding is not an endorsement and is presented for informational purposes only.