Taxi company request hits town-line snafu


By Keith Regan, Contributing Writer

Northborough – As they were considering a request from Francois Hamad to open a taxi business at his auto repair shop at 197 Main St., the Board of Selectmen Jan. 12 had to enforce one steadfast rule from the town’s bylaws: the taxi itself cannot be housed within Northborough.

But the black-and-white situation quickly turned fuzzy and gray as Hamad revealed to the board that his home lies in both Northborough and Marlborough. He said he pays property taxes to Marlborough and excise taxes to Northborough even though his driveway lies within Marlborough.

Town Administrator John Coderre said despite the prohibition on taxis begin garaged in town, the request made sense as Hamad simply wants the taxi and delivery service, known as Roadrunner, to be headquartered at his existing business in town.

But until the question of where the taxi will be stored can be answered, no decision could be made.

“I’m not sure why we don’t allow it, but that’s the law,” said Chair Dawn Rand.

Selectmen postponed a decision until their next meeting Monday, Jan. 26, to give time for clarification on the border and taxation issues.

In other business, selectmen approved a common victualer’s license for the new owners of the Pickle Haus Del at 276 W. Main St.

Attorney Rod St. Pierre said the new owner, Samir Hannoush, who currently operates a deli at the Christmas Tree Shops plaza, will keep the menu and hours in place indefinitely at the popular and often busy establishment.

“Nothing changes,” he said.

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