Art depicting “Images of Land, Sea and Sky” at Shrewsbury Credit Union


Banner for event.
Banner for event.

Shrewsbury – The Artists Guild of Shrewsbury maintains a display of art work at the Shrewsbury Credit Union, at the corner of Lake Street and Route 9. Currently on display through Tuesday, Aug. 4, is “As Far as the Eye Can See: Images of Land, Sea and Sky,” a collection of art reflecting the outdoors. The scenes are as diverse as the New England countryside, Hawaii, Florida and Europe among other locales. Media includes oil, acrylic, watercolor and photography.

Many of the works are available for sale, giving the public the opportunity to purchase from local artists.

The exhibit may be seen during the Shrewsbury Credit Union’s regular business hours. A preview of many pieces can be seen on the Artists Guild

Marion’s Camp by Robert Wilson of Sutton (Photos/submitted)
Marion’s Camp by Robert Wilson of Sutton. (Photos/submitted)


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