Student-athlete Rangers ‘give back’ to local community


By Nance Ebert, Contributing Writer

Bethany Woodcock (left) and Julia French Photos/Nance Ebert
Bethany Woodcock (left) and Julia French
Photos/Nance Ebert

Westborough – About 200 student athletes gathered at Westborough High School for their annual Rangers Give Back Day Aug. 21. There were cheerleaders, hockey players, soccer players, golfers, cross country runners, field hockey players and more all first congregating together before they went off to their respective community service assignments throughout the town. Leading this year’s event was senior Bethany Woodcock, a three sport athlete.

Each student athlete was given a t-shirt and was then assigned to a location where they spent three hours volunteering for assignments, such as weeding and mulching at different locations in town or working at the school doing things such as stapling first-day packets, painting paw prints on a walkway, and delivering them, re-arranging and cleaning the trophy cases.

Westborough High School boys’ soccer team Photos/Nance Ebert
Westborough High School boys’ soccer team
Photos/Nance Ebert

Before the students dispersed to their team’s assigned locations, Johanna DiCarlo, the school’s athletic director, and Woodcock addressed the group.

“Remember what this day is about and take pride in what you are doing today,” DiCarlo said. “This is a great opportunity to show the town just how much we appreciate all that they do for us.”

“This day is about giving back,” added Woodcock. “It’s our way of saying ‘thank you’ to the community. I’d also like to thank the Booster Club for supplying the t-shirts and the ice cream provided today.”

At noon, all of the participants were treated to Uhlman Farms ice cream at the high school.

“We are so proud of the Rangers Give Back Day. This is truly a student-led event and one of the best events we hold all year,” said DiCarlo. “The student-athletes recognize how fortunate they are to have such a supportive town like Westborough and they are happy to give back to the community that supports them so much. I believe this is the sixth year we are doing this.”

“There is really no other community service day like this one,” Woodcock said. “Everyone has such a positive attitude that it’s really contagious and everyone just steps up to the plate and works together. It’s so nice to see this. In addition, everyone that we help is so appreciative and supportive.”

Next year, Julia French will take over the task of leading the Rangers Give Back Day. The three sport athlete is already looking forward to taking the reigns on this event and is learning all that is involved in making this day a success.

Boys’ soccer Co-Captain Noah Jaeger Bruehl, a senior and fourth-year participant in this event, shared his thoughts of the day.

“It’s great for everyone to come together as a team in a more formal way and bond,” he said. “Plus, it is really a lot of fun.”