Letter to the Editor: Vote for Sanchez, Guerin and Stamas


To the Editor:

Many voters who think progressively are unaware of super choices for three statewide offices:  Secretary of the Commonwealth, State Treasurer, and State Auditor. The candidates are, respectively, Juan Sanchez, Jamie Guerin, and Jed Stamas. The three have been campaigning across the state, but you may not know them. This is because they refuse the contributions from corporations, lobbyists, and SuperPACs that other candidates use for TV ads and mass mailings. Keeping money out of politics is a basic principle to which the Green-Rainbow Party (Green Party Massachusetts affiliate) is 100% committed.

Juan Sanchez champions campaign finance reform, rank choice voting, political transparency, and improving voter education. The incumbent, now 23 years in office, has misused taxpayer money, most recently by filling a section of the 2018 Voter’s Guide with inappropriate information. He has been criticized by the League of Women Voters, among others, for this.

Jamie Guerin is committed to divesting from corporations that move jobs overseas and that pollute our environment. She will work to ensure that local communities—not national conglomerates—benefit from the cannabis business. The Treasurer’s office is key to ending Wall Street influence in politics by minimizing state reliance on national private banks. The movement for a state bank is gaining traction: proposals are now under consideration in 17 states. Profits from a state bank go directly into the state budget. This means greater revenue for state programs.

Jed Stamas understands the role of Auditor in moving the priorities of Beacon Hill away from corporate interests. This entails ensuring that tax revenues are used ethically and efficiently to benefit the people of Massachusetts. Close auditing of agencies not achieving intended results is the surest way to ensure accountability.

Cast your vote for integrity and send a wake-up call to the incumbents in these offices!

Carol Sotiropoulos, Grafton