Letter to the Editor – Westborough fortunate to have representatives who work for town’s best interests


Dear Neighbor,

With Election Day just around the corner, I am reaching out to ask you to vote on Tuesday, November 6th.

Here in Westborough we’ve been very fortunate to have three Representatives, Danielle Gregoire, Carolyn Dykema and Hannah Kane, who work collaboratively together, regardless of party, to generate investments to our cities and towns for the benefit of strong education, sustained economic development, infrastructure maintenance, advocacy for our seniors and who respect the diversity within our towns and cities. Specifically in Westborough our Representatives worked with Town officials to obtain, maintain and the sell portions of the former state hospital property; helped us with legislation to revise our charter; created new economic development opportunities and revolutionized educational programming for our students by creating the BORO program.  Representatives Danielle Gregoire, Carolyn Dykema and Hannah Kane have consistently delivered for their districts.

As a Westborough resident, I can speak from personal experience that Representatives Gregoire, Dykema and Kane are responsive, deliberate and effective in their advocacy for our communities.  I encourage voters to cast votes on Tuesday, November 6 for leadership in state government who will work closely with the municipalities they are elected to serve. Our communities need engaged legislators who understand what is unique to each community, take the time to listen to problems and then work together to pursue solutions for the benefit of the communities they represent.


Shelby Marshall, Westborough


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