Won’t it be Dandy?


By Michael Perna Jr., Contributing Writer

Here we have a vintage postcard from the heyday of the White City Amusement Park.  The dance hall at the park, during the years after it opened in 1905 and well into the 1930s, was the place to go.  Big bands were brought in and dance marathons were held there during that particular craze. The postcard pictures one of the groups that appeared there – the Heagney-Wallace Orchestra, consisting of ten members.  It was mailed out as an invitation of sorts: 

Won’t it be Dandy?

“Dear __

It’s good to get back to White City and dance here with Heagney-Wallace.  They are going to have 15 men the Saturday before Memorial Day and make the hall twice as big as now.  

Won’t it be dandy?  Some class to this place and always something new.

Come up soon.


The dance hall itself stood facing Route 9, roughly where Jimmie’s Tavern is today.  It burned in a huge fire many years ago.

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