Support a nurse with a gift card from Northborough’s Scrubs with Style


Northborough – We all grateful and indebted to those working on the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis. Scrubs with Style is suggesting a great way to show a nurse a gesture of appreciation – purchasing a gift card that they can use now or after the crisis is over.

Not all health facilities provide nurses with scrubs. Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, many  nurses are throwing their scrubs away after their shifts so they don’t infect their cars or loved ones. This places an unnecessary burden on already overworked and stressed healthcare professionals.

For a specific recipient: If you’d like to send a gift card or an e-gift card to a deserving nurse or healthcare worker, visit

Four Seasons Realty 5.29

To donate to a group fund for healthcare professionals: If you don’t know a healthcare worker personally and would like to make a donation to go into a general fund, scroll down to the bottom of the form at The store will distribute general fund donation gift cards to a local healthcare facility for their staff to enjoy.

For more information visit or contact the store’s owner Jackie Taylor at 508-614-0379.