Avidia to sponsor live digital music festival July 18  


Region – Boston Stream Party is a live digital music festival highlighting local bands. For the second iteration of their show they have teamed up with Avidia Bank to bring seven acts to Exhibit ‘A’ Brewing Company’s Facebook and Instagram on Saturday, July 18, starting at 5 p.m. The show features an eclectic mix with Air Traffic Controller, Avanti Nagral, We Demand Parachutes, Elisa Smith, Amir Rivera (of Los Elk), Carissa Johnson, and Amber Ais performing.

“This is an opportunity to give a bunch of local bands we think are extremely talented a paid platform to help them thrive. We want to support our artists and partners to keep their communities engaged, as well as introduce fans to new acts. We see this as an opportunity to bring curated live music to the public en masse virtually, while still fostering fan and artist interaction,” BSP producers said in an email. “Our mission is to provide a space for the local live music scene to connect with fans digitally and provide a sense of community while local venues are not operational. Beyond this, it is a way for local bands to expand their reach beyond the local audience to cities and towns across the world.”

The first Boston Stream Party was held on May 23 on Sound of Boston’s Instagram and featured Mallika Vie, Meiwei, Slow Dress, Alec Hutson, Gentle Temper, Nico Rivers, Walter Sickert, Sun Parade, Bryan McPherson, and Courtney Swain of Bent Knee. Boston Stream Party was able to bring together bands to perform, bridge the digital divide with their fanbases, and tell stories during a time when artistic connection feels more distant than ever, while still maintaining healthy social distancing.

BSP is made up of Antonio Macomber, Mike O’Donnell, and Sean Kelly. All longtime veterans of the Boston music scene, they have come together to try their hand at bringing local music global with the online music festival, “Boston Stream Party”. Two lifelong musicians and an old radio guy with over 30 years of combined experience in the music, festival, and events industries, the timing seemed just right to bring what they love to an online audience. Their hope is to increase the presence of local acts, and make clear to the world what they know to be true: Great music starts at the local level. The BSP motto is, “Play local, listen global.”