Thank you to Shrewsbury



Thank you to Shrewsbury

To the Editor:

As I embark on the retirement from my 32 year career with the Town of Shrewsbury, I find myself reflecting on how truly blessed I have been to work with so many great employees and volunteer members of the various Boards and Commissions.  

I am especially grateful to have been mentored by two tremendous individuals – Richard Carney and Dan Morgado. You see, not only were these men masters of their craft but they also were/are deservedly esteemed for the integrity of their conduct and their consistency of principle. As a young professional, I was blessed to be guided by these two gentlemen who profoundly shaped the ethical standards and values that I will continue to live by.   

Along my journey, I have met and worked with many admirable people who have volunteered countless hours in making Shrewsbury a place to live and work. I learned to appreciate that I gain so much more from giving than from getting.  Early in my career I learned a great deal about business and giving back to the community from Jim and Babs Donahue. Later in my career I was blessed to meet Robert “Chief Joseph” Terkanian who truly has bestowed the “art of giving back” to community from the fortunes that he has amassed from his hard work. Again, like my professional mentors, these community individuals, as well as countless others, have made me who I am.

Lastly, I can’t forget my wife who shares a love of municipal government with me. She was always there when I brought a work issue home that had challenged my patience and well-being.  

So, before I sail into my next venture I do so with one request. Shrewsbury is your community.   The municipal government, the school department, and SELCO all provide many valuable services to you.  I ask you to consider at some point in your life giving back to the place that is your home, either in a voluntary capacity or in making a monetary contribution to the SELCO Share the Warmth Fund, School Department’s Colonial Fund, the Shrewsbury Library Foundation or Friends of the Library, or the Friends of the Council on Aging if you are blessed with the resources to do so.  

In the meantime, I hope to see you around Town on my neighborhood walks.


Michael Hale

General Manager, SELCO

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