Vote for Biden for President



To the Editor:

I’m supporting Joe Biden in this election and let me tell you why. I am a senior and I am concerned about healthcare. In this time of pandemic, we need a true leader.  The current president has failed to lead in this time of pandemic and left many of our fellow Americans in desperate need of good healthcare. Joe will listen to science and make sure that public health decisions are made by public health professionals and not by political hacks. He will make sure that there is healthcare for all including coverage for preexisting conditions for everyone.

Donald Trump has done everything that he could to repeal the Affordable Care Act and he continues to this day, pursuing its repeal at the Supreme Court. He keeps promising his own bigger and better health care plan but he’s failed to even put forth a proposal. He did all this in the face of a pandemic to which he has miserably failed to respond

We cannot make the Trump mistake again.

We need a leader and that’s why I’m voting for Joe Biden for president.


John J. Finn