Vote for Trump Nov. 3


To the Editor: 

It was nice to hear that a Democrat decided to flee the Democrat run city of NY, great to have you back (‘Biden is best choice to ‘heal broken nation,” Letter to the Editor, Oct. 9). I agree that rural America is a much better place to live in today than any type of city. We seem to be friendlier, kinder, and a bit more informed than in a Democratic run city. We see regular Americans every day offering respect, understanding and most of all freedom to live our lives as we see fit without continuing interference from our government. Even though Mass. is a blue state I find I can have a conversation with a Democrat where-as when I was working in NY the opinions were so slanted left it was impossible to even discuss constitutional topics. In my opinion Joe Biden has moved even further to the left than President Obama did. With his obvious weaknesses, it is more than likely [Kamala] Harris who will take over before his term is out. If you read the Ten Pillars of Communism you will find Harris’s ideas align with this philosophy pretty close. I feel there could be no more a divided nation than one that leans in the direction of either Socialism or Communism. It is for that reason I will be casting my vote for Donald Trump.

David Metcalf