‘A Note from Shrewsbury – 1911’


By Michael Perna Jr., Contributing Writer  

A vintage postcard of Shrewsbury center
A vintage postcard of Shrewsbury center
Photo/Michael Perna Jr.

Shrewsbury – Shrewsbury center in 1911 was, of course, a much different place than it is today.  In this postcard view, we can see the old Town Hall which stood right on the corner of Main Street and what is now Route 140. The Library, long before any additions to the building, is seen to the right side of the view. In between the two buildings can be seen the old High School building, later known as the Center School. 

In 1911, very few people in town had telephones, much less computers, cell phones or any of the technology that we somewhat take for granted today. One of the most common methods of keeping in touch with others was by sending postcards. 

This particular postcard, dated March 27, 1911, was sent from Shrewsbury to a woman in Stafford Springs, CT. The message reads (in part) 

“Dear Myrtle,  I hope you will see the way more incouraging (sp) to come and see us then when you wrote – Robert is old enough to take a trip in the cars” (cars referring to the trolleys).  

Times certainly were much different back then!

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