POETRY: ‘Late Summer Garden’


POETRY: ‘Late Summer Garden’The late summer garden showcases black-eyed susans, lush hostas with tall stems,

And a lone yellow rose popping up above spent peonies.

The butterfly bush dominates now, welcoming not only butterflies

But hummingbirds and bees to its purple flowers.

A humid haze hovers above it all.


A collective hush waits for the next weather flavor.

But not quite yet. There is still time to meander,

Breathe in the sultry air,

Swat away yet another insect,

Turn the earth to see a fat worm irrigate the soil.


Sweet tomatoes beg to be picked lest they rot on the vine.

Giant zucchini as big as oversized wine bottles hide beneath their green stems.

Basil adds a sweet, sensuous smell to the air.

Eggplants poke their heads up from the ground, and

Multicolored peppers provide a kaleidoscope of color.


Nature’s abundance in late summer demands we indulge

Before winter’s harshness kills all but the hardiest.

The late summer garden beckons us to embrace its richness

Before it is too late.

It is much like life that way.

–Joan Piergrossi