Shrewsbury officials share strategic plan at farmers market


Shrewsbury officials share strategic plan at farmers market
Shrewsbury sought feedback on its strategic plans during recent farmers markets. (Photo/Caroline Gordon)

SHREWSBURY – Town leaders welcomed curious residents to learn about and make suggestions regarding Shrewsbury’s strategic plan outside the senior center during the farmers market Aug. 10.

This was one of many meetings conducted by the town to get thoughts on the strategic plan from residents.

Called Shrewsbury 2030, Town Manager Kevin Mizikar said the strategic plan “sets the full direction” for how the town is going to function over the next five to eight years.

Mizikar explained the importance of attending town events to promote the vision statement and receive feedback from the community.

“We really want the residents to tell us what they want their local government to do for them,” he said.

Over the last several weeks, the town has held numerous opportunities to provide feedback, including during in-person sessions held at Shrewsbury Public Library, virtual meetings and during community events like Food Truck Thursday and the farmers market.

“We’ve had a lot of residents at these pop-up events, both here and at the food trucks. In total, we’ve had about 75 people stop by,” Mizikar said.

Strategic planning process so far

During the summer of 2021, the town created a request for a proposal for a town-wide strategic plan following direction from the Board of Selectmen. Raftelis was later selected as the consultant for the strategic plan process.

Earlier this year, Shrewsbury held a survey to ask residents to offer feedback on town services and topics related to Shrewsbury.

After receiving the feedback, the town developed a mission and vision statement.

The mission statement is, “In Shrewsbury, we are dedicated professionals who work creatively and collaboratively to provide exceptional services that enhance the quality of life and surpass the needs of those we serve.”

The vision statement states, “Shrewsbury is a vibrant, inclusive, collaborative community where all can thrive.”

Over the summer, the Board of Selectmen developed draft strategic outcome areas, which are five areas developed to move toward the vision statement and provide services to residents to help them live their best lives, Mizikar said during a past meeting.

The five strategic outcome areas are: engaged and connected, healthy and thriving, prosperous, sustainable and exceptional.

In the past, Mizikar has said these areas would be revisited on a three- to five-year basis.

Ways to provide feedback

In addition to sharing the statements at in-person events, Mizikar said he has been sharing them through media sources such as social media, websites and local newspapers.

Mizikar said he hopes to conclude the current phase by early fall, then present the plan to the community in November.

Residents can also provide feedback online. Visit to offer feedback on the strategic outcome areas and vision statement.


Shrewsbury kicks off community feedback sessions for strategic plan

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