Despite praise, Northborough’s Zach Newbould loses “The Voice” battle


Despite praise, Northborough’s Zach Newbould loses “The Voice” battle
Andrew Igbokidi battles against Zach Newbould last night. (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)

NORTHBOROUGH – Northborough native Zach Newbould’s journey on ‘The Voice’ came to an end last night. 

“This is a great experience. I feel like I’ve grown so much from it. Thank you guys so much,” Newbould said, before exiting the stage for the last time. 

After performing Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me),” against teammate Andrew Igbokidi in a battle round, their coach Camila Cabello ultimately chose Igbokidi. 

Though Cabello did not choose Newbould, he received a “yes” from Blake Shelton and praise from all of the other coaches. 

“Zach came through the best in this performance for me, so I’d go with Zach,” Shelton said. 

Gwen Stefani said Newbould’s voice “shined” and John Legend called his voice “really lovely.” 

Cabello said she saw “a lot of growth” from Newbould, noting that he was “consistent” while performing on stage. 

“I am really, really, really proud of you,” she said. 

Cabello added that Newbould and Igbokidi are “really talented” and are growing as performers. 

After the audience gave one last round of applause for Newbould, Cabello said, “Zach did a great job, but I have to go with Andrew because Andrew’s voice and tone is so special.” 

In a previous interview with the Community Advocate, Newbould said he wants to use the “momentum” from the show and continue to “push on” toward a career in the music industry. 

Among the ways Newbould said he will use the “momentum” is by “gigging around” Northborough. 

“There is definitely a lot of feedback around here and awesome people who are just very supportive. I have a lot of very supportive friends and family in the area. It [Northborough] is just a great crowd of people,” he said. 

Newbould added, “I love to write music and to be able to tell people my stories. It [singing] is a great way to show your emotion, rather than speaking a story, that way you can almost like, yell your story out, so people can really feel what you feel.” 

“I love that the emotion I have can be translated to other people,” he said.


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