“MA should put their citizens first not last when it comes to help”


Letter to the Editor logoTo the Editor: 

How as a country and state have we slipped so far so fast? How have every day American citizens slipped in priority to be replaced by illegal immigrants now known as “new arrivals?”

Who cares if American citizens who have lived in a motel for years are evicted to make room for illegal immigrants (new arrivals)? This is not “fake news.” It is a fact.

Do you as fellow Americans care? Who cares if all these “new arrivals” get special treatment because the state guarantees housing for them? Massachusetts has homeless citizens living on the streets and in shelters. They are not guaranteed housing. What about our own Vets living on the streets? Are they guaranteed housing? 

The Governor declared a “state of emergency in MA due to illegal immigrant shelter crisis.” What about our own American citizens?

We can’t afford drug rehabilitation centers to get our own citizens off drugs and on to a life without drug dependence. We can’t afford to help our Vets who have given their all for this country.

The state says that the revenue they thought would come in is short for the budget. Did anyone ever think that excess spending should be cut so we can balance the budget without increasing fees and taxes? These free give a-ways which are usually paid for by the average citizen should be stopped. It is about time to pull in the belt and lower spending. 

There have been nearly 111,000 MA residents who have moved out of state between 2020 and 2022 according to the MA Taxpayers Foundation. It is the highest level the state has seen in 30 years. MA ranks 47 when it comes to affordability for retirees. Citizens can’t afford to stay in their homes due to high taxes and sky rocketing prices for food, medicine and gas. 

MA should put their citizens first not last when it comes to help.

Carole A. David

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