Suspect faces 23 charges following escape from Marlborough police custody, incident


Suspect faces 23 charges following escape from Marlborough police custody, incident
Isaac Rivera (Photo/Courtesy Marlborough Police Department)

MARLBOROUGH – Isaac Rivera, 24, faces a total of 23 charges related to his flight from police custody from Marlborough Hospital and the incident leading up to it.

Court documents detail the incident that lead to his arrest. At 1:36 p.m. Sept. 23, Marlborough police were dispatched to the report of a possible domestic in an apartment on Ames Street.

According to documents filed in Marlborough District Court, when police entered the apartment, Rivera was “straddling” a woman on the couch and had his hands on her. The police officer said he ordered him to get away from her, and when he didn’t respond, police grabbed him and pulled him onto the couch.

According to police, Rivera resisted arrest and attempted to hit an officer, including with a vase and metal stool. The stool hit the officer in the arm, police said. Rivera allegedly charged at the officer, who deployed his Taser.

The officer wrote that he ordered Rivera to stay down, but he fled out of the apartment.

According to the court documents, he went to the bottom level and exited the building where the officer saw him on a chair vomiting and bleeding from above his eyes.

When the officer tried to handcuff him, Rivera resisted and picked up the chair as if he was going to hit the officer, police said. After a second officer arrived, Rivera fled, but police were later able to handcuff him.

Rivera was transported in a hospital to Marlborough Hospital. According to court documents, the ambulance stopped at one point in the route, and the paramedics told police that Rivera was spitting at and kicking them and the ambulance. An officer stayed in the ambulance for the remaining journey to the hospital, police wrote.

After he was dispatched from the hospital, Rivera told police that he had been at the apartment because the victim’s boyfriend had been aggressive with her and he stopped the boyfriend from assaulting her.

Police allegedly located a firearm on the couch. In Rivera’s possessions, officers reportedly found large quantities of marijuana, bags containing a white powdery substance and a bottle bearing the name Farmpram with 71.5 pills.

At about 10 p.m., Rivera fled police custody while he was getting x-rays at the hospital. He was later apprehended in Milford.

Among his charges are strangulation; assault with a dangerous weapon; assault and battery with a dangerous weapon; witness, juror, police, court official intimidation; possession of a large capacity firearm; firearm violation with one prior violent/drug crime and escape from a police officer.

He was arraigned on Sept. 25 and ordered committed without bail on Sept. 29. He will return to court for a probable cause hearing Oct. 30.

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