From Waste To Nourishment


Letter to the Editor logoIn an age when environmental consciousness is becoming increasingly important, adopting eco-friendly practices is a small but significant step towards a greener future.

My journey started over a decade ago at Floral Street Elementary School. Students had put together hallway displays that demonstrated sustainable living. I went back to my house and stared at my trash can – what was in it? And how could I do my part as a citizen of this planet?

I started to become aware of what I was throwing away and realized that the single largest component in our trash was food waste – banana peels, vegetable skins, and tea leaves. Reflecting on my childhood, I recalled a time when nothing went to waste; instead, it was either reused, upcycled, or composted- an excellent example of Zero Waste.

Starting my composting journey was easier than I thought. We set up a composting bin in our backyard, gathered our food scraps throughout the day, and dumped them into our composting bin at night. All we needed was a mix of green (food waste) and brown (leaves) materials, a compost bin, and some patience as Mother Earth worked her magic.

Over time, my trash reduced drastically. From keeping our trash out every week, we reduced it to every 6 months a staggering reduction in waste. In addition, it provided me with natural fertilizer for my garden – a win-win for my family and the environment!

By taking a small step towards composting many years ago, I started my lifelong sustainability journey. It is a step each of us can choose to take every day of our lives. Let us start this journey of re-establishing our relationship with Mother Earth, and collectively sowing the seeds of positive change for a more sustainable world, one compost bin at a time!

Sunita Razdan

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