Shrewsbury company gives World Mental Health Day to employees


Shrewsbury company gives World Mental Health Day to employees
The team at Control Point Mechanical, Inc. (Photo/Danielle Boland)

SHREWSBURY – This isn’t your traditional workplace.

When you walk through the doors of Control Point Mechanical, Inc. in Shrewsbury, you’re greeted by Kaiya, a golden retriever who takes her responsibilities as the company’s chief cuteness officer very seriously.

The donuts and pastries available to employees are pushed toward the back of the counter — Kaiya’s been known to jump up and take a bite.

Kaiya trots around the office greeting the company’s employees en route. After her journey around the office is complete, Kaiya heads to her owner — Director of Strategy and Business Operations Danielle Boland — and plays with her bucket of toys.

Kaiya’s presence is just one example of the office culture at Control Point Mechanical. The company is proud of the positive environment it has created, and now, Boland has taken one more step toward improving the workplace: giving employees World Mental Health Day on Oct. 10 off.

“I took the job in January, and in February I just said, ‘We’re giving our team World Mental Health Day off,’” Boland told the Community Advocate. “It wasn’t a question to me. It was like it makes so much sense. It affects so many people’s lives. Why would you not acknowledge this?”

The company — which has grown from 12 to 20 employees recently — gave employees the option of taking World Mental Health Day or the Friday prior to Columbus Day weekend. The gesture is done to foster a more mental health-friendly workplace.

“People don’t understand financially. When you have everyone off the road for one day, it’s like thousands and thousands of dollars, right? But, for us, it’s like how do you balance that high-level of performance that you’re going to get from people when they have more down time? We’re still navigating, but for me I believe so much in mental health,” Boland said.

Since becoming sober in 2013, Boland navigated corporate America, discovered the importance of mental health and balance, and “took a journey of self-development.” Boland focuses on supporting employees inside and outside the workplace.

“The mental health stuff and balance is huge to me,” she said. “Work is work… and everyone has their days. But, to the extent we can control, how can we make sure people leave here and are like ‘I’m really happy I’m at Control Point.’”

And that attitude — that happiness — has become pervasive.

“One of the guys — he’s been here nine years — said, ‘Friends that we have in the industry, they don’t know what it’s like to be at a company that you enjoy being at,’ ” Boland said.

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