‘We need them. They need us.’


Letter to the Editor logoWe need them. They need us. 

Hundreds of Haitians are starting the difficult process of entering our community. They have endured a major earthquake followed by a cholera outbreak, the complete breakdown of their society, a dangerous journey lasting multiple years to finally arrive in a safe place where they, like millions before them, can build a new life for themselves and their children. These are resourceful people with their wits about them, made stronger by their journey. Once they are assimilated into the rich fabric that is the people of Marlborough, the Haitians will provide a productive labor pool to support the many understaffed stores and companies in the region. They will start small businesses and restaurants. Their kids will play with our kids. Marlborough will become even better.

They are in the very early stages of this process. While they wait for their work permits to be processed by the bureaucracy, they need our help. The state is providing very basic food and shelter. But in the face of their first-ever winter, they need coats, boots, hats, gloves, scarves.

Look in your closet. Are there winter clothes in decent condition that you can donate? They need all sizes, men and women, boys and girls, infants to adults. Clothing drop offs can be made at: 

Sisters of St. Anne, St. Marie Province, 720 Boston Post Road East, Marlborough, MA, 01752

Monday and Thursday 8:00a-12:00p, and Tuesday – 3:00p-6:00p. There is also a covered porch so folks can drop if they come outside those hours.

Bruce Ishikawa and Maria Rodriguez

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