‘I would like to offer a few words in support of Samantha Perlman’


Letter to the Editor logoI would like to offer a few words in support of Samantha Perlman for Mayor.  I admire the leadership she has provided on the City Council for the past four years.  I believe her experience as a Councilor-at-large, advocating for all wards in the city, gives her an excellent base to hit the ground running on day one as Mayor.  The partnerships she has forged with both state and federal legislators will be a great asset for getting new funding for city projects.  I like Samantha’s idea to hire a city planner to help manage our growth in a sustainable way and to make changes that will both protect the environment and save money while doing so.  I appreciate Samantha’s steady communication with city residents and her accessibility and visibility both in person and online, not only during political campaigns, but also throughout the rest of her term.  In particular, she was receptive to an issue I brought to her attention and she took appropriate action on it.  Samantha has demonstrated a tremendous capacity for working hard by being an effective and persuasive leader on the City Council while at the same time pursuing both a law degree at Boston College and studying urban and environmental policy and planning at Tufts University.  For all these reasons, I believe that Samantha Perlman is the kind of leader that Marlborough needs today.

Howard Boles

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