‘[Samantha Perlman] will be an outstanding mayor’


Letter to the Editor logoLast year, I moved from Newton to senior housing in Marlborough. Before I left Newton, four prominent local officials, urged me to introduce myself to a young Marlborough City Councilor named Samantha Perlman. They got to work with Samantha during leadership training programs sponsored by various statewide organizations. They had nothing but high praise for Sam’s professional and organizational skills, personal credibility, infectious optimism and her capacity to lead positively, clearly and effectively.

I joined Sam’s mayoral campaign this past summer. I can attest that everything the four Newton officials told me about Sam is true. She will be an outstanding mayor.

Sam’s positive vision for Marlborough and the optimistic, down to earth ways she presents factual proposals to voters is a perfect antidote to all the poison that is consuming so much of our political life. Still, I have faith that Samantha’s way of doing things is what a clear majority of voters in Marlborough really want.

Bob Burke
New Horizons

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