‘Let’s make Samantha Perlman our next mayor’


Letter to the Editor logoI hope you will support Samantha Perlman for our next Mayor of Marlborough. She is an exceptional candidate and presents our residents with an opportunity that we should not pass by. Samantha has the experience, energy, and intellect to lead. As Councilor at Large she always answered my phone calls, and listened carefully about what I had to say. 

Her educational background and work experience is amazing. Soon she will have a law degree from Boston College and will graduate from Tufts University with a major in Urban Planning and Policy. She also attended the prestigious Emory College and Marlborough Public Schools. Her work experience includes service in a non profit where she helped pass a law to promote Civics Education in our public Schools. Samantha has been endorsed by the Environmental League of Massachusetts, and has formed partnerships with state and federal legislators. This candidate cares about our seniors, will listen carefully to their needs, and will make homes and city affordable. With her unique skills and experience in government policy, finance, and  city planning, Marlborough will be a flourishing city. She has been visiting every ward in our city, often going house to house campaigning and keeping closely in touch with business leaders and our young people.  

I know Samantha and I can recognize talent when I see it. Right now she needs your support. Vote on November 7th. Let’s make Samantha Perlman our next mayor.

Arthur Skura

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