‘I strongly support maintaining a single tax rate’


Letter to the Editor logoOn November 20th, the Northborough Select Board faces a crucial decision in setting tax rates for the current fiscal year. I strongly support maintaining a single tax rate, aligning with the Corridor 9/495 Regional Chamber of Commerce’s compelling arguments in recent letters to the Select Board.

The Chamber underscores the importance of preserving existing businesses, owned and operated by residents who contribute not just financially but also through civic engagement. A single tax rate signals Northborough’s commitment to local businesses, directly benefiting our residents.

A unified tax rate fosters a business-friendly environment, promoting growth, job creation, and expanded opportunities for our residents, enhancing the local economy.

However, shifting the tax burden to businesses, while offering short-term relief to residents, can be counterproductive. This approach will deter new enterprises, impacting Northborough’s economic vitality. A split tax rate sends an unfriendly signal, potentially compelling businesses to relocate, burdening residents in the long-term with increased taxes and diminishing the town’s prosperity.

It is crucial to prioritize the long-term health of our community and its residents when evaluating tax policies. The Chamber, representing local businesses, makes a compelling case, emphasizing the single tax rate’s role in Northborough’s resilience during recessions and a pandemic.

I echo the business community’s sentiments, urging town leaders to prioritize residents’ long-term well-being and Northborough’s continued success when deciding tax policies.

To participate in the November 20th Select Board meeting, please follow the instructions in the agenda on the town website at https://www.town.northborough.ma.us/.


Scott Rogers

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