No Thanksgiving?


Letter to the Editor logoGuys can you imagine if there was no Thanksgiving and what our ladies go through..

Pretend there was no such holiday and men came up with Thanksgiving. I don’t think the ladies would sign up for it .

Ladies lets start with cleaning the house nobody likes a Mister Messy. .

Putting the menu together takes time and effort. Harry hates turkey Martha will only eat fiber you do what you have to do

Next shopping everybody is looking for the exact same groceries at the same time at the same store.

A few days before the ladies will bake the pies get all the fruits vegetables as well as the main course together. Already they need a vacation.

Turkey day arrives you ladies get up around 4 to stuff put the turkey in the oven basting every 30 minutes. You now have to start to get all the vegetables peeled so you can start cooking.. You still have to shower put on makeup which is no day at the beach with everything running through your head.

The door bell rings and your front door now looks like the southern border with everyone pushing their way in.

While you are entertaining and getting everything ready the men will watch football.

Later you will call everyone to the dinner table and everyone starts eating. looking like a hot dog eating contest at Coney Island

As soon as the men are done eating they will go back to the living room and watch football while you clean up .An hour later you will call everyone back to the table to eat all the fantastic deserts

The table will now look more like the last super. Again the men will eat quickly looking like a pie eating contest at some grand opening.

Shocker the men go back into the living room and watch football while you clean up. But the ladies never complain they are wonderful humans taking care of their families.

Lets take a moment to thank our wonderful ladies for working so hard just so the men can loosen their pants stretch out catch a couple ZZs .

Thank you Pilgrims and Indians

Guys buy your lady some flowers with a card saying thank you I love you

Nick Benedetto

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