‘Sasseville Way Overlay, No Way’


Letter to the Editor logoWhere will you be on Monday, December 4th at 8 p.m.? I will be at Marlborough’s City Council Meeting in City Hall for a vote on an urgent matter, and I hope you will join me. 

The issue is a proposed 286-unit multi-use rental apartment complex on Sasseville Way. The property is currently owned by Boston Scientific and zoned for light industry. The potential buyer/developer, Trammell Crow Company, applied for a zoning change, called an Overlay District. Details are on Marlborough’s website, Search “23-1008941”.

Why is this a very bad idea? Please let me explain. 

Environmentally, this 23-acre parcel is critical to the health of Fort Meadow Reservoir and its wildlife. It’s the lake’s headwaters, providing a vital and major source of naturally filtered clean water. It includes two cold water streams that support native trout, a rarity in Massachusetts. And, Marlborough’s Conservation Commission, our local environmental stewards, oppose this overlay request. 

There are also safety concerns. This development is intended for working families; so, assuming 2 cars per unit, implies over 500 cars commuting. Traffic will literally cross the Assabet River Rail Trail, and intersect Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School and its sports field which crosses the main road leading to I-290 and I-495.

Regarding quality of life, the lake and its beaches are a recreational treasure for Marlborough and Hudson. For our neighbors on Blaiswood Avenue, which abuts the site, its life changing and property values will likely decrease. The developer’s plan includes 70 ft. tall buildings just 80 ft. from their boundary, and an emergency access road joining what is now a dead-end. Huge commercial buildings don’t belong in this residential neighborhood.

In summary, this project is a very bad idea because it negatively impacts our environment, safety and quality of life. There are too many unpredictable unknowns about this project’s long-term impact. 

Our city officials have already heard from over 100 residents opposing this project. Please support our efforts to stop this overlay request by contacting your City Councilors, telling them “Sasseville Way Overlay, No Way”, and attending the City Council meeting on December 4th

Paul Goldman

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