Hudson Candidate Statement – Select Board – Brian White


Hudson Candidate Statement – Select Board – Brian White
Brian White

Why are you running? 

I have been a resident of Hudson for almost 20 years. My family and I enjoy the community and rail trail, among the many assets Hudson has to share. We are raising two children and they both attend public school. Public service, through volunteering, has always been an important part of our life. I feel that seeking elected office is a logical extension of this priority.

I feel Hudson has tremendous potential to grown into an even stronger community. To do so, we need to ensure affordable housing is available, education meets our students needs, and that our natural can healthily support us.

What are the three biggest issues facing the Select Board in order of importance?

Supporting public education is critical role of municipal government. The increased costs from staff health care and educational services put additional strains on our tax base. I feel Hudson needs to make tough choices to support our students while we pursue creative paths to financing high quality education.

Land Use and a local response to the climate crisis, habitat loss, and plastic pollution requires leadership from the select board to ensure all citizens know what they can do and know what the town is doing on these issues. Hudson’s remaining wild/open space diminishes every year putting a strain on our natural resources. It is important to manage our land use to ensure that housing is affordable and nature is preserved and restored where possible.

As our town charter and master plan are updated I feel it is a priority for the select board to crafter Hudson’s blueprint for a sustainable modern suburban community. Some features include walkability, reduced light pollution, and increase recreation space.

Parking can become a challenge, especially during weekend events. What can the Select Board do to address this challenge?

I feel it is important for the select board to reach out to town businesses, especially those that are closed in the evening/weekends and ask them to grant access to their parking. Improving directions and access to parking away from the downtown and intersecting streets will make a more walkability of downtown. Curbside and nearby off street parking could prioritize accessible parking. A pleasant stroll past local shops on the way to parking a few blocks away.

What is your vision for Hudson? 

I would like to help Hudson to maintain its Best Main St. and small town feel while increasing affordable housing and preserving our natural environment. I feel Hudson needs a better balance of large single-family housing with affordable housing such as apartments and starter homes to build a vibrant diverse community. I feel preserving and restoring open, wild, and recreational space is an important function to preserve and improve citizen health. I’d love to see our dynamic downtown continue to expand while reducing car traffic and becoming more pedestrian friendly. One expansion opportunity is to broaden the appeal of the Main St. area beyond restaurants to include entertainment, youth, and indoor recreation opportunities.

Hudson is in the process of undertaking several construction projects, including building a new Department of Public Works facility and renovations to the fire headquarters. What steps should the Select Board take to minimize the impact on taxpayers? 

It is always challenging for cities and town to finance these critical infrastructure projects. It is important for the select board to make tough priority calls and make sure the most important are done first. Concurrent with this the select board should ensure town departments exhaust all possible grant options including state, federal, and private funding options.

What is your relevant experience to serve on the Select Board? 

I am a leader of multi-disciplinary engineering teams. Working for a privately held company has always required detailed planning and fiscal prudence to manage tough schedules. Through this experience I have honed my ability to balance numerous priorities, including the career development and interests of my team, short term business needs, and the long term health of the software that we collectively maintain. I feel I can utilize these skills to benefit the town.

I co-founder two organizations centered on the preservation and improvement of our community, Green Hudson and the Hudson Land Trust. Advocacy for town and individual climate action including open space preservation, all electric homes, recycling, and plastic reduction are among my top personal priorities and areas where I feel the select board could play a stronger role.

The core of any community is passionate individuals bring unique perspective and experiences. I believe seeking out perspectives and listen are key to building a cohesive and resilient community.

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