Northborough Candidate Statement – Regional School Committee – Christopher Lacasse


Northborough Candidate Statement – Regional School Committee – Christopher Lacasse
Christopher Lacasse

Why are you running?

My main goal is to make sure that Algonquin maintains a level of excellence that members of the town expect, and look for ways to improve upon that. We should look to any of our neighboring towns who are excelling and understand how we could improve our own offerings or other aspects of our high school system. I have three children who will be entering Algonquin soon and I want to make sure that my views and the views of my like-minded neighbors are represented. I want to make sure that Algonquin stays on the right path and we focus on what is most important for our children being successful in the world.

What are the three biggest issues facing the Regional School Committee in order of importance?

The three biggest issues facing the Regional School Committee in order of importance are budgeting, guidance on setting new policies, and transportation.

The budget is one of the main tools that the Regional School Committee can use to help provide direction. This can be with regards to course offerings or other amenities that could help prepare Algonquin students for the next step on their journey. As each child’s educational needs are different, a breadth of support is required to meet these needs, while still providing depth in areas to allow our children to excel.

As the social landscape continues to evolve, we will have to make sure that Algonquin policies are in place to encourage education and mold well-rounded individuals who will be self sufficient adults.

Our school transportation solution has been less than ideal over the last several years. The contract with NRT will be ending in the coming years and the Regional School Committee will be involved in evaluating the next steps.

How well do you think Algonquin Regional High School addresses the current education needs of Northborough? Please explain your answer.

I think Algonquin Regional High School has been doing an above average job at meeting the educational needs of Northborough. The rate at which students plan to attend 2 or 4 year college is well above the state and is on par with those schools in our area. The average class size of Algonquin Regional High School is below the state average, allowing our children to have a more personalized educational experience. Also, the Algonquin Regional High School MCAS scores are well above the state average and at the same level as the other excellent schools in our area.

Looking to the future, what steps should Algonquin take to secure the educational needs of 2030?

Algonquin should pay attention to the student population trends and make sure that the facilities and staff will be well prepared for the future student load. I believe the building is from the early 2000s and we should be planning for maintenance and refurbishment. There are many new tools that our children are growing up with and we should be looking at how to encourage them to take advantage of all of the tools available to them. This includes new technology like AI or large language models (LLMs). Instead of dissuading the use of these tools, we should explore how these tools can be used responsibly as it appears that they will be a part of our children’s future.

What role do you see the School Committee and Algonquin playing in sustainability initiatives?

I think the Regional School Committee and Algonquin could encourage interested students to understand their environmental footprint and to be mindful of overall consumption. Faculty and students should be allowed to explore ways to then reduce consumption or modify aspects of their daily school life to lessen their environmental impact.
As Algonquin may need refurbishment in the coming years, we should keep efficiency and environmental impact of operating the facilities in mind.

What is your relevant experience to serve on the Regional School Committee?

I have three children in Northborough Public Schools and interact with many other people in town who also have children in the public schools. I have been a part of other committees through my educational and professional career and have experience with combing through these organizations budgets. As an engineer, I am used to asking questions, listening to the answers, and allowing those answers to inform my understanding and make an intelligent decision.

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