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Friday, November 15, 2019

Homes and More for November 15

Michelle Gillespie

Fireplaces warm home buyers’ hearts

By Michelle Gillespie With winter fast approaching, the fireplace takes on greater importance in the sale of a home.  The warm glow of a fire...

Homes and More for November 8


Please don’t call it empty nest

By Gary Kelley I called a friend this morning and asked him what I should write about this month. This guy can be a little...

Homes and More for November 1

Elaine Quigley

Tips for selling your home in autumn

By Elaine Quigley Just because the wave of summertime homebuyers seeking to be settled in time for the start of school has receded, it doesn’t...

Homes and More for October 25

Pamela Taylor

Home ownership…Is it for you?

By Pamela Taylor There are always pros and cons when making any major decision, and buying a home is arguably one of the most major...

Homes and More for October 18

Michelle Gillespie

Winter is approaching… is your home ready?

With the autumn leaves turning color and cool crisp fall nights, we are reminded that winter begins in a few months. As you work on...