Letter to the editor: Vote for Marty Lamb

Dear Editor,

Gas is now $4 per gallon. There is no end in sight on how much we are going to be paying. If we have a cold winter, gas could easily reach $5 per gallon. This is absolutely the wrong time to raise the gas tax. Drivers cannot afford any more.

Unfortunately our State Representative Carolyn Dykema, who voted to raise our sales tax 25% and voted to double tax alcohol, supports raising the gas tax. Also, she like toll increases and has opposed legislation requiring that all toll increases be implemented by only a vote of the legislature.

On the other hand Marty Lamb is opposed to raising the gas tax. He knows that our state doesn's have a revenue problem. We have a spending problem. Lamb has several proposals to control state spending. He would not support sending our tax dollars to bailout Lawrence like Ms. Dykema did.

This election I am supporting the candidate with the backbone to stand up to the Speaker. The Speaker is refusing to rule out tax increases and has not helped the small business community.

We need a new leader who will stand up for us at the State House. That's why I am proudly casting my vote for Marty Lamb.

It is time for a new voice. I's voting for Marty Lamb for Representative.

Don Folkes


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5 Comments for “Letter to the editor: Vote for Marty Lamb”

  1. They don’t call us Taxachusetts for nothing. The business climate is so bad we’re losing people — in fact we lost a congressional district. It’s time to put someone who knows about business and fiscal responsibility into the state government. Marty Lamb is that person.

  2. Charles A. Garbarino III

    Marty Lamb is who I support also! Any incumbent Representative, who votes to unionize day care centers, should not get another term entrusted to her. Now really, that was the most important item to take up on the one party State House Agenda? Give me a break! The economy is in shambles and the liberal Day Care Center issue on behalf of democrats is on the front burner in Massachusetts? Outrageous, is our State House actions by a one party system. We are sure to be in a decline in Massachusetts when you elect representatives who set priorities like this. Carolyn Dykema is part of the one party system problem, with misguided priorities. Vote for Marty Lamb if you want sanity in our State House.

  3. A vote for Mr Lamb is strictly a party vote and note based on the canidate.
    His campaign has been based on pledges he has backdoor excuses out of, lack of local experience and gimmicks. Diversity is not electing another caucasion, male attorney to Beacon Hill based soley on his party affiliation.
    Carolyn Dykema is deserving of re-election.
    She is a tireless pro active advocate for our community, she is well educated, has fiscal experience in small and large business plus most importantly prior to her election was very active in our community and has only continued this on a greater scale.
    Please support Carolyn Dykema for re-election on 11/6, a woman who truely cares about the concerns and needs of the citizens of the 8th district.

  4. Marty has a jobs creation plan, an ethics plan, a transparency in government plan along with other plans. He has put these out over the past 6 months through press releases and 2 campaign ‘newspapers’ as well as posted on his web page. I think Marty Lamb’s plans are very substantive. Please go to his website, http://www.electmartylamb.com. Read about him and his thoughts for bringing balance and integrity to the State House. I’m sure you will like what you see.

  5. Marty Lamb lacks grassroots local level experience to then earn an opportunity on becane hill. He doesn’t have plans he has ideas but not real plan of acton to back them. Mr Lamb’s endorsements are from outside the district and cant vote for him, he is not reserving community support. MWDN backs Dykema, Holliston & hopkinton selectman back Dykema, school committee members in Hopkinton back Dykema, over 400 constiuents in hopkinton and holliston have publicly endorsed Dykema…..we all see something we like and appreciate in Dykema a true tireless community advocate.
    FYI: Mr Folkes gas prices were over $4 a gallon end of 2008 and still not good but today 3.52per gallon in Danvers so at least a tad bit better.
    The hole we are in, was dug from 2000 – 2008…in 2008 the DOW dropped to 8500 losing 4000 points!!! the Dow is now over 13000 and corporate America is recording record profits for the second year in a row! booyah!

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