Westborough Junior Girl Scouts earn Bronze Award


Westborough Junior Girl Scouts earn Bronze AwardWestborough – Westborough Junior Girl Scout Troop 30516, including Sherina Balaparya, Johannah Bessell, Jessica Freed, Savidya Hettiarachchi, Pooja Hingorany, Nikita Jaggi, Rachel Keeler and Juliana LeBlanc, earned their Bronze Award with a project of making baby blankets to donate to the Linus Project. The blankets will be given to babies who are ill in the hospital who need comfort and caring.

The girls hosted ladies from Westborough, Clinton and Shrewsbury who are quilters to share the project and have tea and cookies together. Those who attended shared their quilts and stories. Marilyn Lyle, troop leader, shared the Quiltmaker's Gift story book and quilt she made to go with the story. Bev Linnane, one of the quilter guests, had also made a quilt that goes with the story and she encouraged the girls to look for the quilter's cat pictured on each page of the wonderful illustrated story.

Also, the Girl Scout troop is working on the “It's Your Story, Tell It” Journey badge and the troop is offering a chance for anyone in the community to “share their story.” Your story could be recorded by a girl in the troop and you could receive a CD of the recording at no charge. You could then give it as a gift to loved ones or keep it as remembrance of great happenings in your life. Those interested in recording their own story should contact Marilyn Lyle at 1-508-366-5542.