1. jackets and shirts for staff drivers, hot bags/ coolers for Meals on Wheels

    The jackets & shirts would let seniors know that the driver is genuine and they are safe. The meals on wheels bags & coolers make sense too.

    And why didn’t the town pay for the handicap door?

    • Dan is that what you got out of the response from the Friends of the Seniors? Not that they are adults that are volunteering their time and money (items made for the fairs, gas to and from, finding a place to have meetings (apparently there’s no room at the INN for meetings (figure that), etc.) to raise more money for the seniors. They volunteer quite a bit and someone not a member or a supporter of the group decides what and how they should spend the little they do raise. They do not answer to, but are there to assist residences of the Town of Westborough. Somebody took the gameball and went home.

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