Letter to the Editor: Support for Dykema and Gregoire


To The Editor:

Westborough is fortunate to have two experienced, well-qualified state representatives running for re-election. We urge you to join us in voting for Carolyn Dykema (precinct 2) and Danielle Gregoire (precincts 1 & 3) on November 4th.

Carolyn Dykema is extremely hard-working and thoughtful, always interested in studying problems and listening to constituents in order to craft practical solutions for our community. Thanks to Representative Dykema’s leadership, Westborough became the first municipality in the Commonwealth to adopt the Valor Act, allowing veterans to reduce their property taxes through work. Representative Dykema has fought successfully for increased Local Aid, including Chapter 70 Educational Funds, and ensured towns were reimbursed for the previously unfunded mandate of busing homeless students back to their home districts.

Danielle Gregoire has demonstrated that she is a consensus builder with a practical plan of action. For instance, Representative Gregoire took a leadership role in passing landmark legislation this term to support people with developmental and intellectual disabilities, including autism. Ultimately, the House approved this legislation unanimously since it saves taxpayers money in the long run by ensuring that people with disabilities receive the support they need to enable them to become contributing members of society. Representative Gregoire has also advocated for Westborough-specific initiatives, including increased Local Aid.

Carolyn Dykema and Danielle Gregoire have proven that they are both strong advocates who can get things done for Westborough. We urge you to join us in voting for them on November 4t.h.

Tim Dodd and Ilyse Levine-Kanji


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