Letter to the Editor


To the Editor:

I would like to thank State Senator James Eldridge for co-sponsoring House Bill 2805, An Act Relative to Sleep Deprivation Avoidance and Promotion of Good Sleeping Practices.

This legislation has been filed on behalf of the Jim Berkowitz Driving Safety Fund as a means of educating the people of our commonwealth as to the dangers and risks of driving while tired.

Scientific studies have proven that drowsy driving is impaired driving. In fact, driving while sleep-deprived poses the same dangers as driving under the influence of alcohol.

College students, medical workers and long-distance truck and bus drivers are at highest risk for injury from drowsy driving. But fully one-third of motor vehicle operators in America have reported driving while sleepy at some point.

Senator Eldridge recognizes these facts, and has stepped forward to carry this bill in the state legislature so we can make the public aware of how to prevent tired driving, and what to do should one find themselves behind the wheel while sleepy.

With the senator’s leadership, we can save lives and prevent injuries on our roadways. We thank him for sponsoring this bill.

Marian Berkowitz, founder
The Jim Berkowitz Driving Safety Fund