Letter to the editor: Thanks to the Westborough community for town-wide cleanup


To the Editor:

Much of the litter along the roadsides of Westborough has disappeared thanks to the public-spirited volunteers who participated in the 2016 Town-wide Earth Day Cleanup, sponsored by the Westborough Community Land Trust. This year more than 100 volunteers picked up about 200 bags of trash to make Westborough greener and cleaner.

There were enthusiastic volunteers of all ages, including work teams from Heery International, EMSeal, efi, CCR Wealth Management, E.L. Harvey, H&S Environmental, McDonald’s and Crossfit Prototype, plus public-spirited families and individuals. Other businesses contributed to the day’s success, including Dunkin’ Donuts at 124 Turnpike Road, Mugford’s Flower Shoppe, and Stop & Shop at 290 Turnpike Road. Explorer Post 85 also pitched in this effort to clean up the environment, as did the Westborough Civic Club, Westborough Rotary, J. Harding Armstrong School, and Westborough High School students in the Student Council and National Honor Society,

A special thank you goes to cleanup coordinator Bruce Tretter. Bruce did an outstanding job by biking around Westborough to identify, photograph, and map major litter-strewn locations for cleanup. Also much appreciated are those who helped with publicity and to register and assign volunteers to sites: Janet Anderson, Kris Allen and Kathy Leblanc.

As always, the cooperation of the DPW is critical to the success of our town-wide clean-up. We very much appreciate the work and continued support of Dan Moynihan and his crew, who provide supplies and collect the trash bags. The Westborough Community Land Trust salutes the many volunteers who stepped forward, trash bag in hand, to make our most visible public ways litter-free and our shared environment more attractive.

Scott Shumway, president
Westborough Community Land Trust