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Vote for Hashmi for Board of Selectmen

To the Editor:

I have been an active community resident of Westborough for 30 years. This year I am endorsing Syed Hashmi for the Westborough Board of Selectmen.  Syed has been involved as a community member of the Board of Health for two years.  For the past few years he has attended Board of Selectman meetings to keep informed of issues and matters important to our town.  Syed is interested in our senior citizens well fare, our school system and overall town government issues. He is interested in making Westborough more environmentally friendly; review funding options for infrastructure needs; make the town government more accessible, innovative and open and to make sure our town government works for its citizens.

He would like to explore creative ways to increase town revenues, prioritize tax relief for senior citizens and plan for the future while prioritizing what needs to be done today.

He speaks four languages which helps to make him an engaged listener.  Syed is aware of the diverse ethnic and cultural population in our town.

Syed Hashmi will be a great asset to our Board of Selectman and the future of our community.

Judith Wilchynski


" Community Advocate Staff : ."