To the Editor: Vote for Lindstrom in Mass. primary for U.S. Senate


Beth Lindstrom is one of three Republican candidates running in the Massachusetts primary for the U.S. Senate. Voters need to think beyond the primary to the November midterms and who has the best chance of defeating the democratic incumbent.

In my opinion, Beth Lindstrom is the best choice because she has a good grasp on important issues, has a balanced approach to government, and there will be no gender issue of which the Democrats might try to take advantage.

Beth believes in smaller government, lower taxes, and a strong defense. With her pleasing demeanor, successful business experience, and her knowledge of political issues she is well prepared to debate her opponent in November.

Please keep in mind who has the best chance of winning in November and join me on Sept. 4 to vote in the Massachusetts primary for Beth Lindstrom.

Don Hutchins,