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An old Shrewsbury home – The ‘Salem Harrington Place’

By Michael Perna Jr., Contributing Writer

The “Salem Harrington Place”
Photo/Michael Perna Jr.

Shrewsbury – Many years ago, this house was known as the Salem Harrington Place.  It is not known exactly when it was built (one estimate is 1730!), however it is shown on a map of the town that was made in 1832!  In fact, at that time it was the only house in the entire area between the Boston-Worcester Turnpike and what later would become known as Edgemere. Mr. Harrington became known for various social events he would host, including clambakes and “turkey shoots” that would be advertised in the Worcester newspapers.  Although it has had a large garage added and the old chimney replaced, the house still stands on what is now known as Svenson Road and in fact was recently put up for sale.

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