Who is getting you through quarantine? Readers submit pet photos


With residents across the region hunkering down in their homes amid the COVID-19 crisis and social distancing suggestions, many of us are relying on the love of our pets for some extra warmth in our days.

Over the past few days, we’ve asked you on our social media pages to submit photos of your pets and received the overwhelming response now aggregated below.

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CA Contributing Writer Jane Keller Gordon’s dog, Leo
Shelby Marshall’s dogs Cooper and Bruno.
David Perry’s dog Sir Ziggy
Mark Wheeler’s two dogs.
Sandra Tkaczuk’s dog
Marybeth Costello’s dog.
Tammy Troy Shepard’s dog
Caitlin Heber’s dog Baxter
Cheryl Renaud Arsenault’s dog Tucker
Mary Ellen Cyganiewicz’s dog.
Kathy Charpentier’s two dogs.
Eddy Baduski’s dog Gabby.
Ruchika Misra’s dog Bandit.
Aimee Blair Federico’s two dogs.
Patricia Boyle’s dog Calvin
Joey and his dog Benzo
Logan, a canine client of Daltons Cherrywood Kennel and Grooming
Christine Morales’ cat Phoebe
Donna Lamson Campbell’s dog Luna
Barb Finer’s cat Luna
Gayle Kellicker’s dog Tuukka.